Songs of the Dharma: Buddhist Chants in Pali and English



Buddhist Teachings on the Tip of Your Tongue!
Track 1: Morning Chants (contains 11 chants)
Track 2: Evening Chants (contains 12 chants)
Chanting Booklet Included, 30 pages.

This collection includes Buddhist chants in both Pali and English, and is suitable for chanting while driving, as part of your meditation practice at home or in a group. By memorizing these chants one can take refuge in the triple gem, Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, the teachings of the Buddha, and Loving-Kindness at a moment’s notice, wherever one finds oneself. Included are Chants to the Triple Gem, Developing Loving Kindness, The Causes for Deep Emotions, a Blessing and Dedication of Merit. © 1995 Lucinda Green All rights reserved


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