Lucinda Green, is a Buddhist meditation teacher who has been meditating since 1968.


She has lived and studied both in the United States and overseas in Europe, Mexico, India and Sri Lanka. Her root teacher is Ruth Denison with whom she began training in 1979 and from whom she received permission to teach in 1989. Part of Lucinda’s training includes living monastically in Sri Lanka under the tutelage of the late Venerable Ayya Khema, who she cites as her second most profound influence.

Dr. Green founded Rocky Mountain Insight in 1999, the first Buddhist center in Colorado Springs, CO., where she teaches Buddhist Dharma and trains others in Vipassana meditation. For a more extensive bio see www.rockymountaininsight.org.

An inspired and engaging lecturer, Lucinda has produced numerous recordings of guided meditations. She is the author of Pathway to Freedom:Applying the Teachings of the Buddha and is the creator of the Enlightenment Deck.

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