In This Very Body: A Guided Sweeping Meditation

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Heal your Body. Develop Concentration. Heal your Mind. Develop Awareness.
Track 1: Intro to Sweeping Meditation
Track 2: From the Crown of the Head Down
Track 3: From the Soles of the Feet Up
2 Disc Set
Disc 1: 45 Minutes, Disc 2: 45 Minutes

Learn the sweeping technique by placing your attention throughout your body from the crown of the head down to the soles of the feet up. Increases focus, develops concentration, brings about deep healing, and is a vehicle for insight. © 1995 Lucinda Green All rights reserved Cover art by Lucinda Treelight Green

1 review for In This Very Body: A Guided Sweeping Meditation

  1. Andy

    I am a ex 2 pack a day or more smoker. I have been smoke free for two monhts, now. This is the longest I have gone in 22 years of smoking. Last record was 2 days. No more wheezing, have better lung capacity, taste and smell senses have improved dramatically. I now am in the process of weening myself off of E-Cigs and have been making great progress at it. It seems nicotine without all the chemicals is less addictive, at least in my case it is. This in my eyes is the greatest product I have ever purchased in my life. It has given me a new lease on it to boot. This product has changed my life forever. Please by all means contact me if you would like to hear more, and the whole story, as I have been keeping track of it.

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