Light Journeys: Exploring and Aligning the Chakras



Heal your Body. Develop Concentration. Heal your Mind. Develop Awareness.
Track 1: Intro to the Chakra System
Track 2: Locating the Chakras Within You
Track 3: Working In Depth With Personal Power
Track 4: String of Lights Meditation
Track 5: Introduction to Aligning
Track 6: Aligning the Chakras
CD One: 52 minutes, CD Two: 44 minutes
2 CD set – $24.95

What are the chakras? Where are they located in your body? What is the significance of each one? In this dynamic guided meditation, you will have a direct experience of these subtle energetic centers in your body. Master the system, through both didactic information and direct experience, and you will have a reliable road map by which to understand your life, while remaining calm, relaxed, and vitally alive in the process. Learn to express your personal power by removing blocks from the past. Learn a method to resolve any conflict you encounter in life. Identify which of your physical symptoms are results of chakra imbalances. Note specific mental and emotional states as indicative of particular chakra balances and imbalances. Learn to harmonize your entire being. © 1995 Lucinda Green Music by Ian Tescee. Cover Photo by Gushikawa. All rights reserved.


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