Breathing is the Key!



Breathe like never before!
Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: The Power of the Breath
Track 3: Exploring the Spine
Track 4: Activating the Arms and Rib Cage
Track 5: Loosening the Legs and Lower Back
CD One: 54 minutes, CD Two: 46 Minutes
2 CD set – $24.95

Most of us are shallow breathers. Discover a tried and true method of increasing your lung capacity, resulting in high vitality and deep relaxation. Your body will feel as though it is floating on a cloud! Imagine letting all your cares dissolve, aches and pains melt away, as a soothing voice guides you to breathe deeply, easily and freely. Through this guided meditation you will learn four invaluable stages of the breathing process. Following the four step instruction you will learn how to effortlessly allow the complete movement of the breath through your body, versus engage in the habitual forcing or holding of the breath. Music by Steven Halpern and Kay Gardner © 1995 Lucinda Green All rights reserved. Cover art by Lucinda Treelight Green


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