The Transformation Game®

Background of the Game
The Transformation Game® was originally developed by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at the Findhorn Foundation and was first offered there in 1978. Trained by the founders, Dr. Green is a Certified Transformation Game Facilitator.

What is the game about?
The brilliance of thought inherent in the structure of the game is stunning. You must play the game to truly experience its power.

The game itself is a beautiful metaphor of life on the spiritual path. The brilliance of thought that went into the structuring of the game so it serves as an accurate metaphor for life on the spiritual path is stunning. You must play the game to truly experience its power.

Sometimes life is filled with blessings, insights, and a heart-felt sense of connection with people around us. Other times we stumble through a series of setbacks, accumulating pain, even falling into depression; and nothing we try seems to help us get out of it. Sometimes someone unexpectedly appreciates us or offers to serve us — or we reach out to help another. Sometimes miracles happen, pain is lifted, new directions open up, and the seemingly impossible occurs.

Just as life is filled with this rich variety of experience, so is the Transformation Game®, a fun and complex board game which offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life.

When would I play the game?
A Transformation Game can be useful at any time, to examine and transform any issue in your life. Scheduling a game during pivotal turning points in your life is highly recommended. Playing a game during times of transition or in honor of celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or retirement, provides invaluable support and guidance.

How do I schedule a game?
Dr. Green facilitates games for one to four persons.
For 2-4 players, you provide the group who plays. Play with friends, family, co-workers, a spouse or partner, a small group with whom you meet regularly, such as a support group, book club, dream group, etc. Pick the grouping of your choice.

The amount of time needed for a game depends on the number of players.

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Developmental Stages of Groups
Any group with a shared focus, be it a professional group, co-workers, staff, executives, friends, or a mutual support group, moves through a variety of specific stages as part of their development.

In this training a highly effective model for understanding the stages is presented, step by step. Key words and in-depth information is given such that you will be able to identify these phases as they are occurring, amidst the fray and activity of a group.

As a leader, a manager, or member of a group it is invaluable to recognize these stages in operation and work with them actively. Groups are most effective when all involved understand the natural progression of group development.

When a group is developed with conscious awareness of its natural stages, leadership is welcome, proves more effective, productivity increases, individual’s contributions are valued and enhanced, and teamwork becomes a joy. These are the results of a group that develops consciously.

Stress Reduction and Management

The Triple R’s: Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Take time to nurture yourself with the three R’s of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. This workshop includes whole brain integration training, deep relaxation and guided imagery as a means of refreshing yourself. Not only will you enjoy a revitalizing respite, you will be given tools guaranteed to increase your effectiveness on and off the job, at home, at work and at play!

Format. This workshop is offered in formats of one to six hours.

Breathing is the Key

Are you a shallow breather? In the habit of holding your breath?

In this workshop you will learn to increase your overall lung capacity, and discover reservoirs of energy. You will learn how to unwind, rest, fully and deeply, using breathing as the agent for complete relaxation. The breath is always at hand. Learning to be with the breath and use it skillfully as a tool proves invaluable in meeting daily stressors. Participants report being able to enjoy a full night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed by simply applying the full body relaxation techniques provided in the seminar.

Format. One to three hours.


The Power of Language: Effective Communication
Language is powerful. If only effective communication were taught throughout grammar school, at the very least, as a basic skill for all human beings to possess, imagine the kind of world we would live in today. Expressing our joys and concerns, giving and receiving appreciation, conflict resolution, acknowledging our differences and our similarities with peace would flourish and be part of our reality.

In this workshop you will learn to:
• Empower yourself through your language
• Actively Listen
• Eliminate the Blame Game
• Identify your personal perceptual profile
• Refine your communication style based on your perceptual profile
• Understand how you 1) receive information 2) process information 3) express yourself in your most intimate relationships
• Communicate effectively with others


Various formats are available from one hour presentations to weekends and 10 day retreats.

To set up a workshop e-mail me at [email protected]!