Tips for Meditating Daily

1. Choose the best time for your daily meditation.

Many people choose first thing in the morning. If you need to go to bed a half hour , forty-five minutes earlier or even 1 hour earlier in order to get up for your meditation period,do so.

Other folks are night meditators and meditate prior to going to bed.

Whatever time you discover, stick to it.

2. Cultivate meditation as a daily habit, the way you would brushing your teeth.

3. Set an alarm for your meditation time. 

4. Create a dedicated space for your meditation. Use this space solely for meditation.

5. Light a candle prior to your meditation. This is optional, however it creates an effective demarcation into your meditation.

6. Time your meditation. Determine the length of your meditation prior to sitting down and stick to it (whether you “feel” feel like it or not. Whether you are scattered or concentrated).
One way to time your mediation period, is to light a stick of incense that burns the length of your meditation. Or set a non-ticking timer.

7. Create success by setting manageable “bite-sizeed” goals.
If you are a beginner:

Week 1         10 minutes
Week 2:        15 minutes
Week 3-6      20 minutes
Week 7-10    25 minutes
Week 11-13  30 minutes
Week 14. Add 5 minutes. Sustain for three weeks. Continue this pattern until your reach 45 minutes.

If you are already meditating regularly and want to increase your time, apply this same formula until you arrive at your goal length of time.

8. Mark every day that you meditate on a visible wall calendar with a pleasing sticker, such as a star.

Enjoy your meditation practice!