Does life seem overwhelming at times?
Do you feel distracted, distressed, or dissatisfied?
Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, doubt, or depression?
Are you exhausted by life?
Are you seeking spiritual direction and guidance?

Would you like to live free from anxiety and stress?
• Feel calm, yet energized?
• Increase concentration, and ability to focus?
• Set priorities and complete tasks with ease?
• Be more efficient, productive and creative? Be happy?
• Determine your purpose and live it fully?

Dr. Green is good for what ails you and Transpersonal Counseling a cure.


Transpersonal means going beyond our masks, the limiting roles we adopt, in which we often feel trapped. How do we go beyond our masks? By working through the nature of our personalities. Our personalities are composed of physical, energetic, emotional and mental aspects. Frequently these aspects of ourselves are at odds with one another, creating a life fueled by anger, anxiety, fear, unmet needs and unbearable tension. Can you relate?

The purpose of Dr. Green’s work is to help you align your body, emotions and mind to function cooperatively. The process is an educational one, giving you tools to create and maintain a dynamic balance and harmonious flow between the elements of your personality. This process transforms the role of personality as albatross to vehicle in service of your true nature and reason for being. Accessing wellsprings of energy, love, compassion, and peace are natural outcomes of Dr. Green’s work.

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