Enlightenment Deck



Learn the Dharma.      Study the Dharma.      Keep your practice fresh and lively.

Teachings in the deck are universal truths as taught by the Buddha, called Dharma. Combining text with delightful illustrations, these cards provide guidance for your spiritual practice.The front of the card has a symbolic image. The back describes the teaching and provides a practice helping you understand and apply the teachings in your daily life.

Teachings in the deck include:

The Triple Gem                     Four Noble Truths                        Noble Eightfold Path

Dependent Origination      Three Unwholesome Roots              Four Divine Abidings 

 Four Foundations of Mindfulness   Mindfulness of Breathing      Five Hindrances

                      Five Aggregates                          Three Marks of Conditioned Existence     

    Seven Factors of Enlightenment                                       Dedication of Merit

Be inspired by your spiritual practice. Keep it lively, daily and fresh using the Enlightenment Deck.

Consists of 80 cards

4×6 inch double sided

Enlightenment Deck