Larry K.

In short, Dr. Green saved my life, for which I am eternally grateful. I know I did the work required, but without Dr. Green’s guidance I never would have never been freed from a lifetime of chaos.

Diane L.

Dr. Green has in a few weeks accomplished more for my sense of wellbeing and self-esteem than years of traditional therapy ever did. Her skills create an environment for empowerment to change negative patterns in ways not available in traditional therapy. I wish I had met her years ago. You will be amazed, as I was, at the speed of change possible. I recommend her without hesitation.

Teresa S., M.D.

Dr. Green is a master at helping you look inside yourself, identify what is obstructing your path and effectively guiding you towards your goals. She helps you break old patterns, face down your demons and clear the way in order to gain confidence and clarity. Through relaxation and imagery she guides you to a calm focused center where you will pursue your own inner mission, achieve success and enjoy a happier life. Dr. Green is a sage mentor and a wise helpful guide and healer.

Elizabeth L.

Dr. Lucinda Green offers a unique process that, from my own experience, develops a deep sense of wholeness. I am amazed at the results of her work when paired with my individual efforts. This does require commitment of a few minutes every day. You must be willing to confront your personal issues using the tools that she provides on an individual basis. In less than two months, our work together now allows me to cope with blocked family patterns and low self-esteem, as well as build healthier relationships with others.

Leslie I., M.D.

You are the BEST!

Quinton W.

I recently discovered the CD “Developing-Loving Kindness: A Guided Metta Meditation. I am very pleased with it. Your explanation and understanding of metta practice is quite clear, inspiring, lucid. I would like to purchase more copies to give as gifts to friends and share with my family. Thank you for presenting such an accessible Metta Meditation.

Patricia B.

I am 63 and have done therapy off and on for years. When I discovered Dr. Green and her approach, I was amazed to find that issues I had carried for decades dissolved in one or two sessions! Plus, I was given homework exercises that I refer to anytime I need them. Dr. Green is so easy to talk to and is deeply intuitive.

Lysle K.

Dr Green revolutionized my life.

Karen R.

As a therapist and mentor, Dr. Green has helped me make transformative turn-arounds in my life. Life long debilitating patterns and behaviors no longer rule my life.  Now I am living the life I dreamt about as a child.

Vittorie M.

I blossomed with your support and the loving-kindness phrases were precision medicine.


As I ventured into a new phase of my life, I found myself lost and confused. The answers I was searching for could no longer be found in books, workshops or academic degrees. I turned to my mentor Lucinda, who guided me in a gentle and humorous way into a unique and insightful journey.

She is a gifted healer and wise beyond words.  She is my miracle worker!

…with deepest gratitude

Shelley A.

I want to thank you for all your support these last few years…and even more than that for holding out the possibility of experiencing joy in this life. I think I kept coming to see you because you seemed happy. I don’t think I can make that statement about any other therapists I know.

Thank you for being a constant, steady, loving presence.

Pam P, Director of a Meditation Center

Dr. Green has  a unique, intuitive gift for focusing on the core issues and creating the perfect balancing intervention.

Patricia O

Dr Green, You are the most astute person I have ever worked with on personal issues. Your insight and skills lead you to quickly get to the heart of the matter and find a very positive way to move forward. I always feel and believe I am moving to a better place after working with you. Thank you. 

Kathy S

When I first went to see Lucinda Green, PhD, I just wanted her to listen to my story and the things I never told anyone. I had no idea her listening and validation, presence and compassion would have such a therapeutic effect. After one visit, feelings, beliefs and perspectives that had limited me for decades simply fell away.

Subsequent visits took me on a journey that was unexpected and transformational. Visit-by-visit, step-by-step, she guided me deeper into the core of my personality and the nature of existence. I am a different person than when I started—happier, calmer, more confident, and truer to myself.

Lucinda is patient and kind, compassionate and caring, authentic and present. I’ve never experienced this degree of openness and acceptance.  I highly recommend Dr. Green to anyone considering delving deeper into the mysteries of their own lives and that of the Universe.

Compassion heals chasms of suffering

The fallout from our session was and continues to be p0werful and transformative. It opens doors I didn’t know existed. Freeing and opening. Amazing and illuminating. Made possible by you. and me. And Nature. The miracle is that one drop of attentive compassion can heal chasms of suffering.

Words cannot express my deepest gratitude.

KS, Client